My Published Works

So I’ve had some luck recently and two of my works have been published.

The first is a short story titled Southern Wind and deals with identity, and what it means to be African. It also briefly explores the influences those around us have on the people we choose to be. It was published in May, in The Kalahari Review–an online journal that publishes African art. Read it in the following link and see if you like it>>> SOUTHERN WIND, by Resoketswe Manenzhe.

The second is also a short story, titled Moths and Butterflies: An Extremely Brief Telling of How Jared July Became Something Close to a Hero. It deals with a rather morbid subject–suicide. It was published in Review Americana–an online journal that publishes literature that chronicles the zeitgeist of our age, so to speak, but with strong American themes. My story is set in Cape Town but I suppose some things transcend culture; maybe that’s why they decided to publish it. Read it in the following link and see if you agree>>> MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES, by Resoketswe Manenzhe.


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